First impressions

2016 year

The islands of the Canary archipelago are almost in Africa. The weather accordingly, always warm, the rain is rare. Tenerife has a lot of greenery, especially in the north. In the south and on other islands, almost desert.
I live on a farm, here grow bananas and mangoes. Everything is done without fertilizers, ecologically and organically clean. Today, for example, we were engaged in a banana garden. Yesterday they collected branches and leaves, then dug a pit and put them there – it’s forbidden to burn. Work here before dinner, then siesta. We go swimming.
Have you ever eaten a live crab? I tried it today. Caught on the beach. I did not like it, but others eat and praise. My friend catches 10-15 pieces at a time.
Products. In the cheapest supermarket, prices are approximately the same as in Lithuania. Beer 0.5 euro, bread 1 euro, cheese 5-10 euro. There is no good beer here. The Canaries are a special economic zone, so there is a special VAT rate – 7%. There is also no excise on alcohol and tobacco. Still about the prices – fuel cheap (diesel 0.8е), transport expensive (the bus of 3 euros 30км). The real estate is cheaper than in Lithuania. In general, the local population of stars from the sky is not enough, no one specializes in business.
Mobile Internet expensive – for tourists 1gb 25 euros, for local 9 euros. The speed is low, the coating is weak.
The island has a lot of local fruits. At the same time, there is practically no meat. Many ocean seafood (can I call it that?)
The Spaniards are open, cheerful, like to laugh. A lot of tourists in the south. Mostly English and German. In general, there are a lot of English. The owner of our farm came here from England 17 years ago. Even the time on the island is GMT00, as in London (although the mainland of Spain has a different time zone). There are a lot of tablets at the cafe: “Russian breakfast 7 Eur” and at the shops “Free call to UK”.

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