Adeje is a municipality and popular city at the south of island.

Includes Adeje Center, Los Olivos, La Postura, Los Menores, Playa Paraiso at the western side and Costa Adeje, Fanabe, Torviscas, San Eugenio at the eastern side of territory.

Adeje Center located up to auto road TF-1. City hall, main square, shopping center Galeon located in the Adeje, also hereĀ is a lot of schools and child playgrounds.

A good restaurants in Adeje is:

1. Oasis Chicken at the calle Grande. Very popular establishment in the center of Adeje. The main dishes are chicken and canary potatoes. The prices are average.

2. Otello. Restaurant with a beautiful view of the gorge. The main dishes are rabbit, meat, canary potatoes, salads. The prices are high.

3. Cafe Juventud at the calle Telefonica. Inexpensive cafe, popular with locals. Buns, sandwiches, pizza, meat and potatoes. The prices are low. There is delivery.

4. Casa Juan. Cafe for the locals. The offer of the day is soup, potatoes and meat. The prices are average.

5. Ciccibacco. Italian pizzeria in the center. Pizza take-away. Grilled chicken. 4 EUR for pizza.

6. La Salud. Local kitchen with great hamburgers, meat, fish and local dishes!