Holidays in April

April is an important month for Christians and Catholics – it is in the middle of spring that the Easter holidays fall, which can be an excellent occasion to go on holiday to the sea. The prospect of a beach holiday in the vastness of the motherland in April does not please at all – the weather conditions do not allow. But on the island of Tenerife at this time just very comfortable to relax.
April in Tenerife attracts the bright sun, the warmth and beauty of nature. In the daytime, the air warms up to +25 degrees in the southern areas, and in the north the thermometer often crosses the mark of +20 degrees. The duration of the light day is longer, so the sun’s rays are already perceptibly baked. And, if you can walk and sunbathe in March without fear of getting burns, then in April you will need sunscreen and a hat.
A little cooler at night – the temperature at this time of year at night is marked by an average of +15 degrees. But even such a drop in temperature will not make you wear warm jackets and sweaters. Quite enough light jackets for a comfortable walk in the evening streets.
The water in April in the Atlantic Ocean is still cool. It remains at winter level – +19 .. + 20 degrees. So, lovers of warm water will have to wait until the summer, and those who are not afraid to freeze, it is possible to open the swimming season. Especially because to leave the cool waters of the ocean in April is already comfortable, thanks to the bright and warm warming sun. By the way, people on the beaches of Tenerife in April is already significantly more, because the weather allows you to take sun baths, even if the ocean is not too tempting with warmth.
Many tourists like April for a comfortable temperature regime, the absence of winds and sandstorms, which are not uncommon in late winter or early spring. Rains in April are not often. Precipitation falls just a few times a month, even in the northern regions.
Downpours stop in the mountains. April is a great time for families with small children, who also often suffer heat badly. The only negative – children are unlikely to swim in the ocean. But to replace the beach entertainment in the water will help the water park or wonderful attractions, working on the island all year round. Pleasure at this time of year walks in the park areas, gardens or nearby villages. Nature in April comes to life, impressive with juicy colors, lush flowering. This is particularly noticeable in the northern regions, since there is more rainfall there, which positively affects the vegetation. But the southern shore of the island is also buried in greenery and enchants with delightful landscapes. Boat trips will bring a lot of pleasure. Warm wind and gentle rays of the sun will accompany you on an entertaining trip. On the north coast, surfers gather, who come to these regions in search of excellent waves for skiing. The bright and diverse world of the waters of the Atlantic Ocean attracts the interest of divers all year round, to which the water temperature is not at all important due to a durable wetsuit. And in the southern region it is not uncommon to meet fishermen, because April in Tenerife is the season of catching blue marlin.
Rest in April will remain in memory for a long time due to the ideal air temperature, comfortable climate and friendly atmosphere, which is constantly observed in this corner of the “eternal spring”.

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