Tenerife in august

Dry, sunny and warm – briefly about the weather in August on the Spanish island Tenerife. In general, during this period, temperature fluctuations are not observed – the weather is stable, hot and sunny. Having a rest at the end of summer in Tenerife is wonderful. The average daily temperature of the August days is marked at 28-29 ° C. Sometimes there are days when the air warms up to 32-33 ° C. But there may be temperature drops, however, they are also not significant, so it will not be necessary to freeze on the resorts of the island.
With the onset of the evening in the resort town of Tenerife comes coolness. This decrease in temperature is not significant, but the absence of sunlight significantly changes the situation. In the evening, you can enjoy a comfortable warmth – this is the kind of air where a person is not hot at all, but still not cold. The temperature in the evening is kept at an average of 20-22 ° C.
Windy weather in August is not uncommon. Summer – a season of winds in these latitudes and the island of Tenerife was no exception. But the cool wind from the ocean does not bother tourists. Often he even makes walks more enjoyable, as it carries a slight coolness on a hot, sunny day.
Rainy days in August are very few. It is believed that the last month of the summer is more humid than the previous month. But this moisture basically appears in the form of a fog, which is observed only in the mornings and very quickly dissipates with the appearance of warm sun rays.
In Tenerife in summer, most tourists come for beach holidays. That’s just to please the very warm water of the Atlantic Ocean is unlikely to be able. In August, the water warms up to 24 ° C. And this is considered a very good indicator for ocean waters. Bathe in such water is not too comfortable, but it is quite possible for adults and children. Moreover, staying in the hot sun quickly causes a desire to refresh yourself in cool water.
The northern part of tourists does not enjoy such great popularity, but it is loved by surfers and travelers who come to admire the natural beauties. The thing is that in the south of the island in summer it is very warm, arid and not comfortable for everyone. Here everything is thought out for a beach holiday, as well as for evening entertainment. However, as in any other resort regions. But the north in the summer attracts attention with its natural beauty. Due to the fact that it is cooler and higher humidity, the nature in this part of Tenerife is admired with its natural colors and exquisite pomp. To look at such beauty is necessary. So even if you come to Tenerife to simply soak up the hot sun and relax on a deckchair by the ocean’s edge, find at least one day to travel to the island’s natural parks. And do not forget to go to the Teide volcano – after all, it is the main attraction of the island. Of course, in summer the weather does not allow for long walks in the open sun. But the excursion program is thought out in such a way that staying in the open sun is minimized. Although, this is not a reason to forget sunglasses and a hat.
August in Tenerife will give a lot of new impressions, positive emotions and will allow you to purchase a luxurious even tan. Fruits in August are almost all the same as in July, only in August the beginning of the grape season. Local varieties are sweet, with a thick juice. If the hotel you do not see such grapes on the table, you can always buy it in the local market or in the villages from the owners of the gardens.



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