Beaches of Tenerife

On the island, all beaches are municipal, that is, you can rest on any of them, even at a 5-star hotel. You will not be forced to use paid loungers and umbrellas, you can just come and spread your rug where you like. However, in some places you will have to pay for the shower and toilet. Tenerife really likes the beaches because they have a lot of animals, for which it is nice to watch. There are sea cucumbers, many crabs, starfish, shrimp and, of course, hedgehogs. With hedgehogs one must be cautious, but they settle only on stones, and they are usually seen under water. There are beaches with white sand, there are – with black, there are stony. There are beaches almost without waves, with long breakwaters, there are those that are preferred by surfers and kiter. There are beaches with inflatable hills, there are with loud discos, and even there is a beach with a fountain.

Beach at the Giants

The second most spectacular natural site of Tenerife (after Mount Teide), at the high steep cliffs of Los Gigantes, is the most exotic beach of the island. For you to imagine the height of the rocks, I will say that all the tourists try to make a photo of rocks, passing by giant ocean liners. These liners look against the background of the mountains of the toy, so try to get to this beach, the thrill is guaranteed.

The beach is called Playa Arena and is famous for its healing black sand. We can say that black is an amateur, and not everyone, judging by the conversations, likes it
lie as if on the ground. But in vain. Every year many people come here from Germany and England and there are almost no Russian-speaking tourists here. Germans and Englishmen are sure that black
volcanic sand due to heat and its constituent minerals, treats osteochondrosis, stretching, arthritis and back pain.
In addition to the impressive species and health benefits, the beach has received a blue flag for more than 20 years for its cleanliness.

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