Best resorts in Tenerife

The uniqueness of Tenerife lies in its successful geographical position. The coast of the island, facing the African continent, is the warmest and warmest in the sun. It is conditionally called southern. The north coast is open to strong winds from the Atlantic and is considered colder and more troubled. At the same time, this area is perfectly suitable for outdoor activities on land: hiking and cycling in the mountains, hiking, horseback riding. Geographical features also influenced the formation of the island’s tourist centers. The most popular in Tenerife are the resorts:

Las Americas

Los Cristianos

Costa Adeje

Los Gigantes

Costa del Silencio

El Medano

Puerto de la Cruz


Las Americas is a famous resort on the south coast of Tenerife, famous for its beaches and luxury hotels. Beaches offer a wide variety of water activities, the nearest towns are famous for their noisy night life and youth entertainment.

Los Cristianos and Costa Adeje are comfortable southern resorts for families and the public and older. Beaches and hotels here are of the same high level as on Las Americas, however the situation is quieter and more cozy. At these resorts you can have a great rest with your children, but you have to be prepared for the high cost of services and entertainment.

The Costa del Solencio (“shore of silence” in Spanish) fully justifies its name. Rest here is calm, relaxing, unhurried and will appeal to all lovers of silence.

El Medano is the southernmost resort, the most remote from the center of the island. There is a strong wave that attracts on the coast an amateur surfing and kite surfing from around the world.

Puerto de La Cruz – the resort that appeared on the island the very first, today is the tourist center of the northern coast. Due to high humidity, the climate in this part of Tenerife is softer, the vegetation is dense and diverse, and the air is fresh and cool. The local people are very hospitable and gladly receive guests, demonstrating the true Spanish hospitality. In the north, and the capital of the island – the city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

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