Christmas at the Tenerife

Holidays in Tenerife is possible all year round. And this is not a trip for walking around historical sights, but a real beach holiday in comfortable weather even in winter. It is important only to choose the southern region of the island, which is reliably protected from gusty wind and waves.
December – as you want a gray, frosty winter again to feel all the delights of warm spring weather! For this, you only need to go to Tenerife, where eternal spring reigns. The temperature regime on the island is dictated by its amazing location – Tenerife is located at the latitude of the hot desert of the Sahara, so low temperatures in this area are impossible.
True, December is the winter month and the arrival of winter is felt even on the island of Tenerife. At this time of year, the air temperature is somewhat lower than in summer. It keeps in the day at about +20 .. + 21 ° С. And at night it goes down to +7 +13 ° С. So on a trip to the island on New Year’s Eve, be sure to bring warm sweaters. Especially cold can be in the Northern regions – even in the daytime the thermometer column here on some days does not rise above +13 ° С. And if it rains, the air becomes fresh and cool. However, mostly in the winter on the island is dominated by sunny days.
Rains are not often. But, nevertheless, the regions of the northern part of the island in winter for tourists are not very attractive, except that they come here to get acquainted with the sights of the island. It is in this weather, comfortably leisurely strolling through the natural parks, to consider the architectural structures and other interesting places of the Spanish island.
The water temperature in the ocean in December is approximately +21 ° C. Sometimes it is even warmer than the air temperature. In such a refreshing water it is quite possible to swim, but it’s not entirely comfortable to go out on land, since the sun’s rays no longer warm as in the summer days.
Decide on swimming is not all. But people take aerial baths on warm sunny days with pleasure.
In the first month of winter, many tourists come to the island in the Atlantic Ocean. Mostly these are elderly people who do not like heat and bright sun, families with children and young people, active athletes and adventurers. The air temperature promotes comfortable walks through the streets of the cities, trips to excursions and amusement parks, which are open on the island a lot.
Separate attention is paid to rest in Tenerife in December surfers. It was at this time of year that the North Coast boasts of high waves that give incredible opportunities for skiing. It’s unlikely that experienced athletes and fans of a good wave will give up such pleasure.
But for trips to the mountains, December is not the most suitable month of the year. The highlands of Tenerife in winter have an average daily temperature lower than the southern and even northern regions near the ocean. The average temperature in the mountains is +13 ° C, so that even a light blouse will not help warm. Another disadvantage is the heavy rains, traditional for the mountains on the island during this period. A trip can be unsuccessful, even if you stock up on warm things and hot tea. It is not uncommon for tourists to drive up to the mountain, but even without leaving the car, they returned back – they were prevented by rainfall and heavy fog.
But to meet the New Year without frost, abundant snow, dampness and ice in Tenerife is always possible. This is why many tourists come here during this period. Such a new year is sure to be remembered by the comfortable temperature, gentle noise of ocean waves and delightful vegetation species, which just in winter pleases with its freshness and beauty.

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