El Medano

There are a lot of places in Tenerife where surfers and kite surfers like to ride, in small groups it can be done almost along the whole coast. The biggest and most beautiful place for lovers to catch the wind is El Medano beach (El Medano). Rest there without a surf like a lot less – here is really almost constant wind (and only in the far part of the beach from it you can hide), and the small oceanic sand flies in the eye. It is believed that the sand is not imported, it is brighter than usual, the entrance to the sea is flat and flat. In this town there is the airport of Tenerife-sur, and hundreds of Europeans from all over Europe come here all year round. In winter it is about 20-22 degrees. We have seen both dirty surfers and very little crumbs who learn these sports with an instructor. Right at the beach you can buy everything for swimming or rent.

The nearby beach with El Medano, La Cabeza, is famous for windsurfing championships that take place all year round. We ended up in July. Very nice and interesting, even if you are not a fan of windsurfing. If you decide to swim bypassing the rock, which goes into the ocean (in the opposite direction from La Cabeza), you will get to the beach of nudists.

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