Holidays on the island

Tenerife, part of the archipelago of the Canary Islands, is known throughout the world as a great place to relax at any time of the year. Thousands of tourists come here in the summer months, and the flow of travelers does not decrease in the winter. Not exception is February – gray and cold in our country, the last month of winter will meet on Tenerife with warm days and gentle waters of the ocean. The weather in Tenerife in February is not hot, so it’s difficult to talk about beach holidays.
The air temperature on the average fluctuates at a level of +17 +20 C in the daytime and drops to +15 +17 C at night. The water in the ocean during this period is +19 – 20 C. It does not have time to cool down during the night, so in the dark it is often even warmer than the air temperature. In such weather conditions there are not many people wishing to plunge into the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The reason is not only in the temperature of the water, but also in the absence of high temperatures on the street, which creates discomfort after bathing. But still there are those who like such swimmings, and lovers of sunbathing on the beaches is not uncommon. In any case, a trip to the island from the frosty and gloomy February at home to the eternal spring of the island of Tenerife will be to the liking of many.
In February, thousands of tourists come to Tenerife. Everyone has their own reasons for traveling to this island. Moreover, the south and the north of the island are popular. In the south – excellent hotels and beach holidays all year round, and the north is suitable for lovers of antiquity. It’s easy to get lost among the narrow streets, and you can admire the waves in the harbor.
Many winter go on a trip to learn surfing and diving in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, someone just wants to relax from the hustle and bustle of the big city and soak up the rays of the sun. There is a category of tourists who come in February for sightseeing, because at this temperature it is best to stroll through the large parks, study the local architecture and travel around the cities. Another February is good because it is this month on the island is a bright carnival in the city of Santa Cruz!
In February, Yerrian pineapples ripen on the island, very tasty and sweet, and in the local markets, besides fruits and vegetables, you can buy pastries, local honey and cheeses all year round, and on the market in Santa Cruz the whole floor is occupied by sellers of fish and seafood. to buy everything you need for an independent picnic in nature, among laurel trees.
Comfortable holidays in Tenerife in February and with children. All year round, there are natural parks, amusement parks and water park, which offer a lot of entertainment for adults and children. Those who prefer to enjoy the sea views, you can recommend to go for a walk on the yacht. And you can ride a quad bike.
Traveling in winter in Tenerife, tourists prefer to stay in the southern regions. It is there that keeps the dry and comfortable weather, pleases the bright sun with rays, there are almost no rains. In the northern regions of the island the situation may be quite different, as in the west or east. In total, Tenerife has 28 climatic zones, which were formed as a result of the island’s unique landscape design.
Moving from place to place in Tenerife, you can get to regions of strong winds or torrential rains, regions with mostly cool weather, and also in the region of eternal spring. The column of the thermometer drops to +15 degrees on average, which causes tourists to wear sweaters or shawls during the evening walk.

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