Tenerife – a paradise in the Atlantic Ocean

Volcano Teide

The largest of the seven islands of the Canary archipelago, Tenerife received its name from the snow-capped mountain peaks of the Teide volcano. In the translation from the local dialect the word “tene” means a mountain, and “ife” means white, snow-white.

Tenerife is a densely populated island. According to the latest estimates, an area of ​​2,000 km is home to just over 900,000 people, or 43% of the population of the entire Canary archipelago. The administrative center of the island is in the city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Here are shops, restaurants, entertainment centers and the largest Canary port.

All the Canary Islands, including Tenerife, have a volcanic origin, which makes the island’s surface mountainous, and the coast is rocky, covered with black lava sand.

The climate in Tenerife is mild and comfortable. In summer, the temperature does not rise above 26-27 ° C, and does not fall below 19 ° C in winter. Rest on Tenerife is recommended for people with pulmonary and cardiovascular diseases, as well as those who do not tolerate heat and stuffiness. However, regardless of health status and preferences, staying in the Canary Islands is suitable for everyone, since the local climate is considered optimal for comfortable living.

Getting to Tenerife is easy with a direct flight from Moscow. The flight lasts 7 hours. You can also use one of the options with transplants, for example, in Madrid. From the mainland of Spain to Tenerife comfortable multi-storey ferries and cruise liners. True, such a trip will cost more and take more time. For many years the Canary Islands have been one of the most beloved and popular points of the Atlantic cruise program.

Holiday in Tenerife can be both with accommodation in the hotel, and in comfortable apartments equipped with all amenities. The uniqueness of this island is that everyone will find here an option to your liking.

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