Canarias in January

Harsh winter holidays in warm areas and with quality service may not be available in many parts of the world. And places where the European level of service is present, remains even less – the unstable political situation has considerably narrowed the tourist map of the world. This is also why the winter holiday in Tenerife is becoming more relevant and more demanding. After all, here and in January you can swim and sunbathe – pleasant +20 ° – 26 ° C in winter allows you to continue the tourseason without a break.
The exception is windy and cloudy days, which, however, almost do not go one after another in a row. The temperature varies throughout the day – during the day it is usually very warm, evenings and nights are much cooler, but tourists from countries with a continental and sharply continental climate bathe at + 20, although such bathings are considered almost walrus by the local Canarians. Evening walks by the sea are refreshing, so it’s better to bring an autumn jacket or a warm sweater. Often in hotels give out warm blankets, so that guests are not frozen in the territory, and in water parks and swimming pools of the hotel the water is heated.
Sometimes even in this heavenly place there are heavy rains, and the air temperature drops to 14 degrees (plus). And, anyway, the sea water keeps the heat to 20 degrees. Predicting how the weather will change is not so simple, but still, be guided by official weather forecasts. Usually, rains in Tenerife are not more than 3 times a month.
At this time, you can get around the whole island, enjoying nature in a national park, luxurious ocean waves, climbing mountains, practicing at a horse school, and visiting some of the other Canary Islands – they are very different from each other. And, if you miss the snow, it’s easy to find in the mountains.
Excursions to the northern and southern parts can be found with discounts, all the most interesting sights of the island are nearby, from where you would not get to them.

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