Holidays in July

You can have a rest on the island of Tenerife all year round. It always keeps a comfortable temperature, and water does not fall below 19 degrees. It is for this reason that it has long been called the “island of eternal spring”. But still, no matter how sunny at the resorts of the Spanish island in winter, the best time for a full-fledged beach holiday is the summer.

Tenerife in July is pleased with the beautiful temperature and summer heat. Temperature fluctuations are small. The average daily temperature is kept at 27 ° C. Naturally, there are days more cool and hot. But, all the same, the air temperature does not rise during the day usually more than 30 ° C. And this attracts tourists to resorts, because the higher temperature regime is already exhausting. Cool days are pleasing with freshness, but you can not be afraid of the cold – below 22 ° C the thermometer does not drop.

At night a little cooler than in the daytime – the warm sun hides, the air becomes fresh. The average night temperature is marked at 19-22 ° C. And this is not cold at all, is it? It is possible, of course, that a light blouse will be needed, but most walk perfectly in light dresses and enjoy the evening cool after a hot summer day.

Rain in July in Tenerife is small, almost none. This month is considered one of the driest in the year. Perhaps one day the sun will be covered by gray clouds, which will bring a slight drop in temperature. But it is unlikely that these clouds will please the rain. But the wind in July is not uncommon. Summer on the islands of the Canary archipelago is quite windy, but tourists almost do not get discomfort.

If you can take sun baths on the island without problems, then the water is not yet happy with the high temperature. The fact is that the ocean warms up slowly and for a long time, including in winter, keeps at around 20-21 ° C. This is the temperature of the water waiting for tourists in early June. Swim in the invigorating waves at once dare not all, but the hot rays of the sun help tourists decide. Moreover, it is very comfortable to get out of the water in July – the sun quickly warms and dries on the beach.

Gradually hot summer days still contribute to rising water temperatures in the ocean. And by the end of the month it already reaches 23-24 ° C. During this period, tourists try to come to the island, who like to spend maximum time on the beaches, enjoying sunbathing and bathing in salt water. And this is not accidental, since in summer there is enough hot, cloudless weather, ideal for beach pastime.

In July, the island receives thousands of guests. The tourist infrastructure works 100%, because the island’s guests like not only to relax on the beaches, but also to have fun, to see the sights. For long trips, acquaintance with the history of the island, its unique natural views and magnificent architecture, it is better to choose another time of the year, when the sun’s rays are not so hot and the weather has long walks. But for short excursion programs, many go with great pleasure. After all, a beach holiday, no matter how wonderful, is boring. And it does not stop sometimes to diversify with new emotions and unforgettable impressions, which are so easy to get on Tenerife. In July the sweet cherry season ends, but many other fruits are ripening. Especially tasty now is figs, peaches and nectarines.

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