Summer holidays

Summer on the island of Tenerife comes in a timely manner. In June, it’s quite warm, so the number of tourists is growing noticeably. But, if you compare with July-August, there are not so many holiday-makers.
The air temperature in the beginning of summer is excellent – during the day the thermometer’s column does not fall below +22 ° С, it keeps at about + 27 ° С. Sometimes there are hot days – the temperature exceeds + 30 ° С. But near the ocean this heat is much easier to bear.
It becomes comfortable at night – the average temperature is + 20 ° C. It is no longer necessary to pull a warm sweater on your shoulders, but you will not have to suffer from the 24-hour stuffiness characteristic of some other resort regions.
The local residents do not wait for rain in June. They happen, but very rarely and always
short. The probability of rain in the summer months on an island in the Atlantic Ocean is only 2%. The winds die even in the north of the island, which is considered colder. The northern part is rarely visited by tourists in search of a beach holiday, but there is an accumulation of surfers and divers choosing small beaches in order to fully enjoy their favorite pastime.
The Atlantic Ocean begins to warm up in June. And if at the beginning of the month the water can still be at the level of winter and spring – +20 ° C, then by the end of June it reaches 22 ° C. For ocean waters, this temperature is generally considered to be quite high. If you are going for a bath in warm water, it is better to consider other options.
At the beginning of summer in Tenerife you can enjoy a wonderful holiday on the beach. Despite the cool water, more people are coming to the ocean. Pushes to such a bold step their hot weather, causing the desire to refresh slightly. In this weather, cool water does not scare so much as in winter, because it’s worth to get out of the ocean, as the hot southern sun gently warms and dries the skin. Lovers of warm water will be able to swim in the pool – so if the water of the Atlantic Ocean is still cold for you, choose hotels where there are large heated pools.
To go on excursions in June in Tenerife are not all solved. The hot sun does not
promotes long day walks. But trips to the mountains and the northern part of the island are in demand – tourists understand that even in summer the climate in that area is more comfortable for a long stay under the open sun.
An excellent choice – a trip to the park or water park. These excursions will bring a lot of pleasure to adults and children.
There will be classes for tourists in the evening. If you are not tired of daytime rest, then be sure to choose in the evening to walk along the streets of the city. Young people like to visit entertainment facilities, which are many. And elderly couples and families with children can go on a quiet walk with a pleasant pastime in local restaurants and cozy cafes.
Holiday prices in Tenerife in June, as in May, remain moderate. This is due to the large number of destinations in Europe, located much closer. Many European resorts offer tourists affordable prices, and the sea in the early summer there heats up more quickly and pleases with warmer water than in the Atlantic Ocean. June pleases with local fruits – mushmullah, plum, watermelons, nectarines, melons. It starts the season of sweet raspberries, which you can buy on the market, or dial in the forest.

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