Las Americas

Las Americas begins after the bustling Las Vistas. It is the most densely populated part of the coast, it takes about 6 kilometers. Bulk beaches and the famous promenade. Also there are many animals, and even in summer, in high season, there is where to comfortably accommodate. It should be noted that it is estimated that in Tenerife a year rest about 10 million people.
At night here, too, is not quiet, but there is a part of the discotheques is on the second strip from the ocean, and therefore do not interfere with sleeping even for children. This is not a place of unrestrained fun, we and children went to late concerts and discos. The children got tired and we left. In the hotels on the shore, excellent show programs, bring interesting animals and you can go to any hotel for such a show (if you order a cocktail in the bar, where they pass – we first clarified at the reception desk).
A little in the back of the hotel there is a musical fountain. In the evening it is beautifully highlighted. This is not a special attraction, which is worth going through the floor of the island, but a very nice place. Near the playground. In 50 meters – stop the horse cart. To look from the wagon, however, on Las Americas there is nothing special and we decided that we had wasted our money, because everywhere went and the trip gave nothing.
On the beach there is the famous, as our neighbors later told us, the bar of “Chunga-Changa”. Whence such name – to ask did not guess about what certainly, I regret. The cocktails there are really unmatched.