Golden Beach Las Teresitas

Las Teresitas – his photo is in every guide and on every tourist site. Two kilometers of the purest golden sand from the Sahara, the ocean with its colorful color transitions and picturesque palms – and your pictures will look like an advertising picture. Next to us a couple was resting, which, however, complained exactly at that – the place looks like any well-groomed beach in any country and two weeks there can be boring.
The beach is 5 kilometers from the capital of Tenerife, Santa Cruz. There are no strong waves on it – they are extinguished by breakwaters, and the entrance is smooth and very comfortable. It is ideal for young children who do not yet know how to swim: they are not afraid of the wave and the depth is not terrible. However, the weather here is unstable and must be checked in advance: the local mountains often form rain clouds

Beach Las Teresitas at the Tenerife

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