Los Cristianos

For many tourists Los Cristianos is the most favorite beach. There is everything for the family: little waves, gentle fine sand, a good approach to the water, next to the promenade with shops, cafes and bars. When we arrived in April, part of the holiday weather was cold for swimming in the ocean. We swam in the hotel pool, and sunbathed on the beach, built castles and watched the animals. On Los Cristianos there are plots with lava gatherings into the water. It turns black stone “beach” with a lot of pits and pools. Because of the ebb and flow, they are covered with slippery algae. Only the surfers are involved here. We spent many hours sitting under the sound of waves at such pits – they bring in tides all the creatures and you can touch some kinds of stars (we do not know which ones we do not touch) and all sea cucumbers. You can feed the bread of crabs – when they stop paying attention to you, they eat it very funny, pushing it into their mouth with two claws, and they can try to take away from the fish that are much richer than them. Once the daughter “settled” to the sea star of the hedgehog. She decided that they would be more cheerful in a small pool. Of course, the hedgehog was almost eaten by a star when we returned to the beach after dinner. Love for biology began tragically.
There are excellent bars from which you can lazily watch the ferries and boats sailing past. Our neighbors at the hotel spent so all the evenings – the sunset on the island, of course, very beautiful, and look at it from the bar, where you sit with friends – what could be better?
Behind the port, in the next bay there is a beach, which is also referred to as Los Cristianos, Las Vistas. Here, music does not stop all night, and you can have a great time going to different disco bars. If you live not close and just decided to drop in, music and nightly fun suits and evenings with children. Everything is very child-friendly, and many children’s beautiful cocktails.