Tenerife in March

In the early spring the weather in the countries of Europe is not always pleasing – for a long time the cold, slush, and the sun does not often spoil its bright rays. Fortunately, such a climate is not everywhere. On the island of Tenerife, where there are no snowy winters, March pleases residents and tourists with bright sun rays.
The weather in March on the island of Tenerife is really spring – bright sunny days allow you to walk in light summer clothes, as the air temperature during this time warms up in some regions to 24 degrees. On average, the temperature keeps at a level of 16-24 degrees during the day and 16-22 degrees at night. If compared with the winter months of the island in the Atlantic Ocean, the daytime temperature of the first spring month is not much higher than in December or February, but the nights are noticeably warmer.
Naturally, the highest temperature is observed in the southern regions of the island. In the north of the mountain range dividing the island, the air can still be quite cool, but still, even there the weather is much warmer than in continental Europe. From time to time in the spring on Tenerife rains, during which the temperature of the air becomes lower. But such days in the resort, according to statistics, only 1-2 per month. So, you can safely go on vacation, without fearing that downpours will cause most of the time to spend in the room. The ocean does not yet have time to warm up after the winter, even with a noticeable increase in air temperature. Therefore, the water temperature in March remains at the level of “winter” 19-20 degrees. Such water for the majority is still quite cold, but there are daredevils who bathe in cool waters on sunny days. Do not be afraid of low temperature surfers and divers – they are protected by wetsuits and are unlikely to give up the pleasure of driving on high waves or see the colorful underwater world of the Atlantic Ocean.
But sunbathe in March in Tenerife can be a pleasure – the sun is already warm, but does not yet burn. Taking sun baths at this time of year, the risk of serious sunburn from prolonged sun exposure is minimized. This attracts thousands of people to the island of the Canary archipelago, especially those who are hard to endure the summer heat and do not like the active sun.
It would seem that everything in Tenerife in March is excellent – the weather is comfortable, the ocean is affectionate and hospitable. But rest in early spring can slightly overshadow dust storms – they are not uncommon at this time. Strong storms worsen visibility, sometimes it does not reach even 200 meters per second. Not too pleased and strong winds, the speed of which in some days is marked in the area of ​​20 km. at one o’clock. Therefore, before going on vacation, it is advisable to study the forecasts of sandstorms and wind. Especially if the trip is planned to the northern or western regions of the island, where the temperature is always somewhat lower than in the south. In March, it remains cool in the mountains. Storm rain, which prevents trips to the mountains in the winter, is not so frequent. Therefore, in the absence of a strong wind, you can enjoy excursions to the volcano and nature reserves. For excursion tours, early spring is a great time of the year, as in summer such trips can be debilitating due to heat, and in winter they are often inaccessible due to heavy rainfall in these regions.
In Tenerife, tourists arrive all year round. And March is no exception, as it is pleasant and interesting to meet spring on the “island of eternal spring”. Watch the lizards on the coast, look at the volcano, market try a local dish – fried cactus, fresh papaya, local rum.

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