In the May at Tenerife

In Tenerife come all year round – who is behind the beach vacation, who is behind the impressions of sightseeing trips and magnificent nature, who simply rides to relax from the gray and cold winters in the warm spring. The comfortable air temperature here lasts all 12 months, and the water in the ocean seldom drops below 20 degrees. But it is believed that the beach season opens in May – the last month of spring attracts warm sunny days.

The air temperature in May is noticeably higher than in the early spring. The average temperature is at +21 ° C, but often there are really hot days when the air warms up to +26 .. + 27 ° C. The nights are still cool, sometimes the thermometer drops to + 15 ° C, so it will not be superfluous to grab warm things for rest. Rains in May days in Tenerife are unlikely to be caught unawares – the weather is mostly sunny, warm, rainfall at this time of year rarity. A few days a month a slight rain is possible even in the southern regions. But it will not spoil the mood, because it will pass quickly and leave behind a train of freshness. Much less and unpleasant winds, characteristic for early spring.

In May, Tenerife tourists are greeted by the gentle waters of the ocean. Sunbathing on the beach under the bright rays of the sun is so nice, however, bathing will need courage, since the water even in late spring does not have time to warm up above 20 ° C. The only good news is that it is much more comfortable to get out of the invigorating water – the hot sun will warm up quickly and will not freeze after bathing. Willing to cheer up in the water in May, still more than in early spring.

In the north of the island the temperature is cooler. Less warms up the air, more rainy days and winds. Water in the ocean does not differ in temperature, but in this area the ocean remains unsettled. Large waves in the northern regions attract surfers who are not afraid of cool water. Fans of extreme sports, active pastime with pleasure conquer high foam scallops of Atlantic waves.

If you swim in the cool water you do not dare, and sunbathing round the clock on the beach is boring, you can go on excursions. Sightseeing of the island of Tenerife is possible at any time of the year. Beautiful nature, picturesque villages, original buildings in the cities will attract the attention of tourists. An excellent solution is to spend a holiday in May in Tenerife with children. Bright sunshine will help to acquire a beautiful tan, plenty to sweat in the warm pools of good hotels of the island, and in your spare time you can go on an exciting excursion. Variants for traveling with children are mass – Eagle Park, Monkey Park, Loro Park, Ostrich Farm and others. For unforgettable impressions, tourists go to Siam Park – a modern water park with a huge number of spectacular rides. In May, you can already enjoy local fruits – the season ends with a fragrant strawberry, in the markets they sell strawberries, nectarines, apples. Try juice from fresh lemons – they are very different from those to which we are accustomed.

Europeans like to rest in May in Tenerife. At this time, it’s not too hot here, but it’s not as cool and windy as it is in winter. May is considered a dry month, so the rain will be taken by surprise and will not be a hindrance for a great pastime. In late spring, many excursions are available to tourists – sea or mountain excursions, walks in parks or trips to historical sights. However, the cost of recreation in Tenerife in May is not too high, because the season is difficult to call a full-fledged beach. And many competitors do not allow to raise prices – European resorts start opening their doors for tourists in May.

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