Tenerife in November

Tenerife is an island that attracts tourists for holidays all year round. Here you can have a wonderful rest in winter and summer, as the temperature remains comfortable not only for walking around the island, but also for swimming in the ocean. Due to such peculiarities of climate, the island is often called the “island of eternal spring”. And indeed, even in the late autumn the weather on the island pleasantly surprises with warmth and sunshine. Such a temperature regime, as in summer, during this period does not wait. But still you can perfectly relax in a comfortable for most people weather.

In November in Tenerife, those who find it hard to endure the summer heat like to come. At this time of year, the air temperature is set in the interval of 20-27 degrees during the day and 20-24 at night. The water in the ocean is cooler than in summer and early autumn – 22 – 24 degrees in early November and around 21 degrees at the end of the month. But even at this temperature in the gentle waters of the ocean it is quite possible to swim.

True, do not forget that November is still, the autumn month, which makes itself felt precipitation in the form of rain. So, going on vacation in Tenerife at this time of year, be prepared for what will have to look for occasional entertainment outside the beach.

The peculiarity of the topographical structure and location of the island are such that its different parts have a separate microclimate. In the northern part of Tenerife it is always cooler. Here the cold winds reign, and the water in the ocean can seem cold. The southern part of the island is warmer. There are always more sunny warm days and less rainfall even in November. Rest in late autumn and winter is best in this region. In addition, part of the resorts of the island are safely hidden from strong winds by high mountains.

But no matter how warm the November days on the island of Tenerife are, when going on vacation, be sure to bring warm clothes and windbreakers. In the evening, the air temperature even in the southern regions drops to 17-19 degrees. And in this weather I really want to put on things warmer, which will hide from the unpleasant wind.
Fans of beach holidays near the warm ocean are skeptical about such descriptions of weather conditions and on holiday in Tenerife in November. And if you go solely to spend time on sun beds near the ocean, then, perhaps, a trip at this time of year, in fact, does not make much sense. But come relax from the hustle and bustle, enjoy the warm comfortable days and sunny weather, which is so lacking in autumn in your native country, to please yourself with leisurely walks along the cozy streets of the resort towns – it’s so wonderful!

Tenerife in November opens its arms to all those who want to at least briefly escape from the dank, dank autumn into the eternal spring. Here come those who like a measured rest or want more time to explore the sights and natural beauties of the island. After all, in such weather it is so nice to visit excursions, admire the delightful views of the park areas and the stunning beauty of the volcano.
Each of us chooses his own time of year and his own travel option. And in late autumn, Tenerife takes not so much connoisseurs of beach holidays, as lovers of the excursion program. And it is very busy for the guests of the Spanish resort island, so that tourists will definitely have something to do and diversify the days spent here. And in El Medano fly surfers – it is in November that the wind speed in this region reaches 25 meters per second. And experienced athletes try not to miss this opportunity.

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