October at Tenerife

The Atlantic Ocean made Tenerife an island, warm all year round. Only 300 km are the coasts of Africa, where the winter is only part of the summer. Therefore, in Tenerife, October is the continuation of summer. It can be said, the most pleasant continuation, since even September is not too different from August. October is a real gift for fans of eternal warmth. Of course, it is better to choose the southern part of the island, relative to the mountain range, and otherwise rest at this time is wonderful – the air temperature is 25-27 degrees, at night it is not colder 22-23 °. The water temperature is higher than the air temperature, so it’s nice to be in the sea for a long time. Sundial during the day 9, the clouds – a rarity, only in a very extreme case can pass a warm rain.
It is also nice that in October, not only the air temperature decreases, but also the cost of rest. As in other resorts, the dependence of these indicators is direct. In fact, every hotel in Tenerife offers good discounts, tour operators also have to reduce the cost of packages, but all the same, package tours often lose in value to independent rest. Now it’s easy to choose the best room, and find at any time a place by the pool or a free chaise lounge on the beach. Below prices and in restaurants, and taxi drivers are more willing to trade. The rest of the service is also more compliant – and diving lessons, and excursions will cost cheaper at this time.

On October 12, you will be able to celebrate with the whole of Spain the National Day – Spaniard Day.
And, of course, autumn fruits and vegetables will please with variety. We advise you to try the local natural delicacies – sweet chestnuts, carambola (asterisk), prickly pear. A fresh and fresh, grown in the hottest corners of the island, is local almonds. Fruits can be bought independently in the market, and you can go to an institution called “” fruiteria “”, there all the local gifts are sold sliced ​​and peeled.


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