Holidays an Tenerife in September

The hot summer in Tenerife in September is gradually giving up its position, giving way to warm autumn. Water at the beginning of the month remains, practically, the same temperature as in August, and only closer to the middle of September it becomes cooler by 3 – 4 degrees. On average, the water temperature does not rise above +23 – 24 degrees. However, in the summer the ocean can often please with a cheerful coolness, especially near the northern shore of the island. In the southern part, hotter air and sea. If in the north of the island it can rain in September, then on the south there is dry, windless weather. By the end of the month, the air temperature drops to 22 degrees in the daytime and 17 at night. Consider this if there are temperature preferences.

The sun does not burn any more, and, starting from September, excursions around the island become much more pleasant than in the summer. Beach rest is still good, at this time you can perfectly tan without risking sunburn, even being at the sea all 9 sunny hours per day.

Tourists are getting less, this is due to the beginning of the school season in schools and universities, the hotels have more vacant seats and silence. Therefore, autumn is a good time for a relaxing holiday.

Although in hotels you, most often, will bring imported fruit, in local markets you can buy fruits from local gardens. For example, mangoes in Tenerife are grown on large plantations, in September they collect local grapes, very juicy and tasty. Be sure to try local lemons, nectarines, pears, peaches, figs, persimmons – all these fine local fruits are affordable, they will be offered in large quantities in the markets of Las Chafiras and San Isidro. Experts advise to try and local tomatoes – they are sweet and fleshy. Walking on local roads, you can dial blackberries, raspberries, figs and apples.

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