Volcano El Teide

The trip on the Teide was, perhaps, the most memorable on the island. Immediately I admit that we were not on the mountain the first time. For the first time, we had to return half way: it became clear that the clothes we took up the hill were not warm enough. You will not have enough fleece sweaters and caps, it is better to immediately grab (or not regret, and buy along the way) a jacket with a hood. You will appreciate it when you rise above the clouds. At an altitude of 3,718 meters, the temperature is only a few degrees lower than that of the sea, but the wind is stronger.

Landscapes of Teide – almost extraterrestrial: sections of all shades of brown and black canvas of the descending lava. To climb to the very top you will need a funicular, and then another 200-300 meters – on foot on steep, completely black slopes. Permission to climb to the top can be ordered online.

You can have a snack at the bottom of the funicular, or stock up on sandwiches and fruits and take one of the many tables with benches that are neatly arranged near the road. Over you will hang pines, will smell of bitter southern grass and roll huge bumps. But be careful – deep in the forest there are snakes.

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