Visas in Tenerife

Yes, carrying ID is a legal requirement, but the new Citizen Security law (aka the gag law) does not require this to be a passport: it allows for the ID to be an EU driver’s photo licence instead. Spanish police say, however, that although this is the case as far as they are concerned, private businesses or non-police legal entities, e.g. banks, may impose other requirements. Since this is the case, a passport is the safest thing for ID purposes, but obviously many people worry about it being lost or stolen. The easiest solution is for people to go to a notary and ask for a notarized copy, which is a photocopy made by the notary himself, on notarized paper, and with a notarial stamp and seal on it. It becomes an “original” passport as far as Spain is concerned … and so avoids the need to carry the booklet one issued in the UK. It costs just a few Euros. That will satisfy the police and anyone else.

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